What is Wifi Marketing?

First, we need to understand what Wifi marketing is and how this tool works to contribute to building your brand awareness and recognition.

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What Local Business Clients Gain from WiFi Marketing

For any kind of brick-and-mortar business where people wait or spend time, like restaurants, gyms, and hotels, the potential advantages associated with WiFi marketing are significant. Here’s a list of the main ways that your client can benefit from WiFi marketing:

  • Boundless customer insights and marketing opportunities—WiFi marketing is how brick-and-mortar businesses that offer on-premise guest WiFi can collect customer data and visitor metrics to help them automate loyalty programs, present targeted digital ads, and optimize all forms of customer communications.
  • More secure operations—When you implement a WiFi marketing solution, the guest wireless network will be defined with its own SSID, or Service Set Identifier—that’s a unique name assigned to the network, used to distinguish it from other networks in the vicinity. Allowing guests to use a network that’s separated from the one your client uses for operations is a way to protect the business from malicious or fraudulent activity.
  • Limit usage—Providing a managed guest WiFi service allows businesses to restrict the bandwidth of customers’ connections. A patron who treats their local coffee shop like a remote office, for example, could easily consume more than their share of bandwidth if left unchecked.
  • Minimize liability—Requiring users to acknowledge acceptable use policies limits corporate liability. It can discourage misuse of the service and, if the network were used by a guest to do something illegal, the client would be legally protected.

Now, let’s look at how your client’s visitors benefit from the guest WiFi service and the WiFi marketing solution that enables it.

Over 50% customers stay longer at locations that provide free guest WiFi. The best part is that they don’t mind sharing their data to get access. Businesses can leverage this data for their targeted marketing efforts that benefit everyone involved. They can choose how and which data they want to collect, and customers, in turn, can choose what they would like to share out of available options—a phone number or email address, for example.



Guests connect to your open Wi-Fi network without a password.



Guests are asked to login using social media, email, or SMS to get access.



Create a fully immersive guest WiFi experience with videos, images, social widgets and more.



Automatically set ‘smart’ triggers and actions, such as sending an email, SMS/MMS message through the platform or via 3rd-party APIs.

Trigger when guests connect to WiFi

 Trigger when guests disconnect from WiFi

 Trigger when guests have not returned

 Trigger when it’s a guest’s birthday 🎂

 Filter automations based on data points

 Delayed actions for drip sequences

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With our GetResponse integration, easily build your contact list from logged in Guest WiFi users and market to them with professionally-made email marketing messages.

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