Trezor and Ledger are of the arena’s most advantageous manufacturers of crypto hardware wallets. Trezor become the first hardware wallet ever created. The Ledger Nano S is most of the most famous, having offered over 1,000,000 gadgets worldwide.

Hardware wallets like those made through Trezor and Ledger also offer a way for customers to bring their wallets on line and ship or get hold of transactions. In the case of Ledger, customers also can exchange cryptocurrencies in the Ledger live app.

The maximum famous hardware pockets made via Trezor is the Trezor One, and the most popular hardware pockets made through Ledger is the Ledger Nano S. The extra luxurious fashions encompass the Trezor version T and the Ledger Nano X.

We reviewed each organizations and their wallets primarily based on supported currencies, security, charges, features, and extra so that you can decide that is the nice choice.



  • Built-in crypto exchange
  • Secure element EAL 5 + certified
  • Stainless steel body is more durable


  • Users can only manage up to 3 cryptos at once (Nano S)
  • Requires the Ledger Live app





  • Larger screen that is easier to read
  • No apps need to be installed
  • Trezor One can manage 1,000 + cryptocurrencies at once


  • No crypto exchange
  • Requires a third-party wallet to use ETH and ERC-20 tokens
  • No support for XRP


Trezor vs. Ledger: Ease of Use
Both wallets made with the aid of each businesses are designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Getting installation includes:

Updating the device’s firmware (both thru an app or web-based interface)
Creating a wallet
Growing a backup seed word
Developing a PIN for the device
Each apps make the manner as easy as feasible and customers are guided alongside each step of the manner. Ledger wallets consist of the extra step of installing the Ledger stay app, which can be downloaded and mounted like another app and consists of a built-in crypto change wherein users can exchange one-of-a-kind currencies.

Trezor wallets engage with a laptop through an internet-based totally interface on MyTrezor.Com. The interface has a easy show with one-of-a-kind cryptos on the left-hand sidebar, transaction history on the lowest half of of the display, and pockets stability at the top half of of the display screen.

Some customers may additionally find using the Trezor to be greater intuitive due to the larger display and the net interface. There also are no more apps to install on the Trezor unless someone desires to use ETH or ERC-20 tokens.

The Ledger wallets, however, require customers to first install an app for every specific cryptocurrency they want to use. In case you need to use Bitcoin, you have to set up the BTC app. If you need to use XRP, you have to set up the XRP app, and so on. The Ledger Nano S best has sufficient memory to shop about three apps at a time, though the Ledger Nano X can maintain up to one hundred apps.

Trezor vs. Ledger: protection
Both Trezor and Ledger are hardware wallets that maintain crypto in bloodless garage, this means that coins are stored offline where they may be most secure from hackers.

To provide extra security, Ledger uses comfy detail chips. Those are the same chips utilized in passports, SIM playing cards, credit score cards, and similar gadgets. Ledger wallets are also evaluation assurance degree (EAL) 5+ rated.

EAL is an increasing scale of universally diagnosed protection standards for software or hardware merchandise, and there are extraordinary levels of EAL. There are most effective tiers higher than EAL five, and the enterprise claims to be the best corporation to make hardware wallets with this stage of safety certification.

Trezor doesn’t use secure hardware elements because of the reality that a number of the tech concerned is closed-source. The organization argues that this is going against the open, obvious ethos of crypto. However, the Trezor One pockets calls for customers to enter their password using their pc’s keyboard.

While this isn’t a security flaw in itself, it does open up the opportunity of a keylogger logging the keystrokes of a person’s password. The Ledger Nano S, however, we could users input their PIN without delay on the device itself.

In 2019, Kraken protection Labs found out that each the Trezor One and Trezor model T have a physical vulnerability. Even as the wallets are thought to be secure from far flung, internet-based totally attacks, Kraken safety Labs proved that if a person gets their palms at the physical device itself, they might compromise it within about 15 minutes.1

That said, all of these hardware wallets are nonetheless plenty extra cozy than any warm pockets.

Trezor vs. Ledger: functions
Each wallets have a display screen, even though Trezor monitors are large and may display additional lines of text. Individuals who warfare to read fine print may decide upon a Trezor wallet as they have got a big colored display that makes things easy to read and affirm.

For Ledger, most of the movements that customers take happen inside the Ledger stay computing device app (or mobile app). The MyTrezor.Com web-primarily based interface or the Trezor app for Android may be required to apply a Trezor pockets.

The Ledger wallets have a smaller display that doesn’t help colour. Ledger text additionally scrolls throughout the display screen slowly to deal with for the smaller length, whereas the Trezor display screen is huge sufficient to show six lines of textual content concurrently. The buttons at the Trezor wallets also are simpler to use.

As a long way as layout, Trezor wallets have a truly bulkier layout to assist their large screens and are fabricated from tough plastic. Ledger wallets seem like USB drives encased in a swish stainless-steel shell, making them more long lasting and aesthetically attractive.

Trezor vs. Ledger: Currencies
The Ledger Nano S supports over 1,100 exceptional currencies. The Trezor One supports over 1,000 currencies, and it’s logical to expect there is masses of overlap. However, one extraordinary exception is XRP. Trezor does not have help for XRP but Ledger does.

New users seeking to change ETH or one of the many famous ERC-20 tokens might opt for Ledger wallets. That’s due to the fact Ledger wallets can have interaction with these tokens without any additional steps required through the wallet person. Trezor helps over 1,000 currencies, but to apply ETH and the many ERC-20 tokens built atop the Ethereum community requires 0.33-celebration pockets software program like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

Trezor vs. Ledger: charge
The rate for the basic fashions of Trezor and Ledger wallets is nearly identical: The Ledger Nano S expenses $59 before delivery charges and the Trezor One runs $60.

The extra high priced fashions, the Ledger Nano X and Trezor model T, price $119 and $187 respectively. Most customers may be nice with the less expensive models, although there are multiple reasons someone would possibly opt for one of the extra costly wallets.

The Ledger Nano X helps a cellular app for both Android and iOS, is battery-powered, supports as much as 100 cryptos right away, and has a larger display screen. People who alternate on the go and dabble in many one of a kind cryptos may pick the better rate for this version.

The Trezor version T helps more crypto currencies than the Trezor One, can also be used as a password supervisor, and additionally works as a U2F (typical 2d-thing) hardware token that generates one-time passwords for an extra layer of safety on supported apps and web sites. Those two extra capabilities are exciting however don’t have a whole lot to do with crypto without delay. They are clearly cybersecurity accessories that can be used similarly to the hardware wallet’s different capabilities.

Trezor vs. Ledger: cell App
Ledger and Trezor both have mobile apps available for Android customers most effective.

Final Verdict
Each Trezor and Ledger provide cheap wallets that support a massive choice of cryptocurrencies. While Ledger is EAL 5+ rated, has a sleeker layout, and has an app that can be used to exchange crypto, Trezor gives a bigger screen, is less complicated to use, supports extra frequent trades, and works with a web-based interface. Additionally, the extra highly-priced option, the Trezor model T, offers security accessories.

Beginner customers who’ve no crypto revel in and conflict to examine first-class print should consider the Trezor One. Users who best need to keep a handful of cryptocurrencies for the long term, or need a integrated change to go together with their hardware wallet, must keep in mind the Ledger Nano S.

Often asked Questions
What Are Trezor and Ledger?
Trezor and Ledger are the two most famous brands of hardware wallets. The primary cause of those types of wallets is to take their crypto off of exchanges and shop it greater securely for the long term.

How Do Trezor and Ledger work?
Hardware wallets work with the aid of storing the private keys to a consumer’s cryptocurrency and letting them take the ones finances offline, into what’s referred to as “cold storage.”

The manner it works in practice is simple. Users create their wallet account and both send crypto to their wallet’s public deal with or buy crypto at once within an related app like Ledger stay. Later on, if a user so chooses, they are able to use their hardware pockets to send transactions as nicely.

Is the Trezor pockets more secure than Ledger?
It’s tough to mention exactly which hardware wallet is objectively extra at ease. It comes right down to the ideals approximately how software and hardware paintings and which answers are satisfactory.

Folks who agree with in open-source software as being the most secure answer for the whole lot will say that the Trezor is safer. Others who accept as true with in unbiased security certifications and goal evaluation standards will say that the Ledger is more secure.

Who must Use Trezor vs. Ledger?
Users who’ve no crypto enjoy and war to examine nice print need to recollect the Trezor One. Customers who only want to save a handful of cryptocurrencies for the long time, or want a built-in change to go together with their hardware wallet, need to recollect the Ledger Nano S.

While reviewing Trezor vs. Ledger, we looked at functions like protection, price, ease of use, currencies supported, and tool functions. We additionally considered the varieties of users who may advantage from every wallet at the side of other capabilities along with the cellular app and device design.

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